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Indian Demographic Challenges & Options

Demographic control – Political option

There was a tweeter interaction couple of days back in which a question was asked as result of which I have summarized why I think that BJP – RSS can redeem the situation in India, if they play their cards well. This approach is more effective in stemming the Christian conversions than the Islamic conversions, but it does not mean it is not effective at all against Islamic conversions.

The tweet was in response to a post by @trackevangelism who has done a great job of documenting the slithery ways the proselytizers operate in India, backed by US funding, in the process of disintegrating India.  My reply to that tweet was optimistic in spirit based on conclusion I had arrived at after observing the changes that have taken place after May 16th and the plan afoot by various interested Hindu groups.

Islam and Christianity are intrusive in nature and come with clearly marked fence that sets the ‘Us’ from ‘Them’. The propagation of these two religions will only go against the grains of values of Indian Civilization and in that remain foreign religions, that will attempt to wrest the control from a self-governed set of beliefs to establish a monotheist religious dictatorship.

Inevitability of confrontation
Without going into the debate of what is good and is not, I move to the next position that without doubt, it is a confrontation from which one cannot walk away unless Hindus yield to the other and consequently, agree to erase Hindu’s cultural past and replace it with Christian or Islamic culture. If you think I am exaggerating, you only have to go to countries like Philippines or South Korea or Egypt to understand how different the current generation is from their ancestors. If at all we were to measure the distance the current culture lies from it’s past, though it may be impossible to express in numbers, one can surely say that it lies closer the Christian or Islamic culture than to their historical past.

Personally I shudder to imagine my progeny walking around in Burqa or having a life style like Barkha Dutt.

Are religious conversions voluntary?
During the Islamic rule, the conversions have almost always taken the route of force, killing, threat and commoditised Hindu women in harems siring Muslim children. The Christians have used ruse, money, enticement, economic lollipops, divisive strategy and every devious means except violence in creating a Christian constituency in India. It is also true that modern day Christianity of fabulous non-Catholic varieties have indulged in pomp, show and false miracles to brainwash the people and follow it up with monetary enticement. The funding from the west carries with it the force of cloud-burst, in the swift current of which the indigenous culture is being washed away.

In the last 60 years, Hindus were made to look like social criminals by various governments, made of Left or liberal ideologists, who were atheists of different flavour.  You only have to visualize Mani Shankar Iyer or the Communists or DMK governments and you will agree with me. We are bombarded with propaganda that created an effect that prior to the arrival of Muslims we lacked ‘culture’. And the British taught us everything else we know today.

During the last 1000 years the invading, exclusive religions were allowed to function without any restrictions or with the patronage of the rulers. These two religions have employed all devious and immoral methods to forage into the Hindu society in an attempt to build their flock.

In conclusion, to say that all the conversions in India were voluntary is a sham.  

Does future look Grim?

While we may discuss the methodology of conversions in India, the problem of demography remains unanswered.

According to this projection the Hindus will turn minority in India in the year 2050. If one only recalls the defeat of the single largest minority group at the hands of the combined minority groups in Kerala, it is easy to see the outcome of such a demographic change. Such demographic change will change the character of India, cut its root to its ancient past and our vast wealth of culture, literature, tolerance etc will be wasted. If you go to Egypt today, you hardly find anyone who takes pride in Egyptian past but in their Arabic past.

Options ahead for India

The question is what options are available to Hindus to retain their identity in India, an identity that goes back about 8000 years.
On the one hand we have Hindu groups defending their way of life and on the other we have Muslims and Christians who want to impose their religious induced way of life as well as political groups under the banner of Left and Liberal ideology.
The response to the changing demography may take one or combination of few of the following options.
Option 1: Self-effacement
Do nothing. Let demography change and attendant change in character of India happen without any intervention. This option seems to be the one sought by Muslims, Christians from religious group as this option benefits them. Further, for this option there is no price paid by these two groups, hence the best they can ask for.  
This is also the option favored by the Left and Liberal ideologists who are inherently atheistic in outlook. These ideologies of Left and Liberals despise the Hindu Belief systems, for that is what their ideologies have taught them. These are people working for the defeat of Hindu Belief system from within while the Religious groups work from without. In their own way, they have a common agenda and there is a symbiotic relationship between the two groups who speak the same language.

However, in the current resurgence of Hindus seizing power, without the help of minority votes, that too, for the first time in Independent India, has already made the option 1 invalid. The Hindus have challenged the opponents and as a result the opponents will be made to pay a price, a luxury of free-ride enjoyed hitherto will have to be foregone. The battle will rage for decades but the fight is on.
So Option 1 is dead.

Option 2: Bosnian Option

From Mark Styne’s “America Alone” I quote
“Why did Bosnia collapse into the worst slaughter in Europe since World War Two? In the thirty years before the meltdown, Bosnian Serbs had declined from 43 percent to 31 percent of the population, while Bosnian Muslims had increased from 26 percent to 44 percent. In a democratic age, you can’t buck demography—except through civil war. The Serbs figured that out—as other Continentals will in the years ahead: if you can’t outbreed the enemy, cull ’em. The problem that Europe faces is that Bosnia’s demographic profile is now the model for the entire continent.” (Italic, mine)
I am not sure if this option will play out in India. When I say I am not sure, it includes that I am not sure if it will not. There are Muslim leaders urging their flock to outbreed Hindus to establish Sharia.

In Europe the call from the Muslim community is not different. There are popular leaders of Islam who have the plan to take advantage of Democracy, especially one vote one person rule without discrimination, and then subvert democracy from within. I wrote about a possible insulation to the virus called Sharia here
Though this is technically an option, (when I say an option, I do not support it) it will have a devastating effect on Hindus as well as the Muslims. Human cost is always something that should be avoided. But I bet India will see period of outbursts of this nature. UP is a cauldron of communal strife and it is mostly because of the changing demographic composition accompanied by the militant component of Islam that always seeks to overpower the others and rule. Let us not forget that Islam is a political ideology with its own Government, Law and Military in the guise of religion. Someone said that if you remove the veil of religion from Islam what is left is similar to Nazism.

From dharmic point of view, this option undesirable and anyone who commits mass murder will not escape ‘Karmic’ cycle. In current scenario, it will invite global wrath and ultimate break-up of our nation, the end the Religions want to achieve. If this option goes out of control, it will be self-defeating.

Option 3 Paul Golding option

If you watch the @Britainfirst videos, you will see Paul Golding walking into mosques, handing out ‘Bible’ to the Muslims asking them to convert to Christianity. In Indian terms, start counter conversion movement by intimidation, coercion and lure, the very same methods the Religionists adapt to convert Hindus until the other side learns to behave.
I do see that to some extent this will be carried out and some will be converted and some will remain just intimidated. One of the beneficial outcomes may be that the Religionists may tone down their proselytizing activity, as they will be forced to spend energy and money to retain the converted ones in the fold. As a non-violent method, it is doable.

Option 4: Israel Option
Israel faces the risk of being swamped by Muslims due the changing demography caused by high birth rate. Israel advocates that the separation of Muslims and Jews be clean, in the sense, while Palestine may not carry Jewish population, the possibility of Israel carrying Muslim population is not acceptable to Israel.
I do not see how this can be achieved in India, given the large population of Muslims and Christians

Option 5 Ghar Wapasi
Many have moved out of Hindu fold to escape the injustice meted out to them but they have also learnt that the situation is same or worse on the other side. 
Whatever be the motive for moving out of Hindu fold, be it  lure of money, social injustice, succumbing to ruse, coercion, trickery or whatever, their return to Hinduism with honor and dignity should be made easy and accessible to everyone of them. If one only looks at the general composition of the converts, it is easy to understand that most of them are from the marginal sections of the society and have always taken the decision in desperate situation of their life.

Ghar Wapasi is possible only if Hindu body stands strong and repels the attempt of all the invasive foreign religions. Some of the options mentioned earlier, if acted upon, it will show the Hindus as being strong and people, as a result, will elect to align with the strong. BJP and RSS have the combined responsibility to resurrect Hindu pride and support Hinduism from being rendered impotent as Congress did the last 60 years.
Already there have been few published ‘Ghar Wapasis’ that have taken place after BJP coming to power. Such reversals to demographic composition are most desirable as it achieves the objective of reversing demographic composition while adhering to non-violence.

The question is, how can Ghar Wapasi be achieved and how BJP and RSS can play a role?

The Grand plan, already being rolled out

There is a call by the Hindu leaders, represented by Subramanian Swamiji to regain the control of Hindu temples from the clutches of the Government. This is how the religious properties are being managed by Muslims and Christians and hence it should be no different for Hindus too.

According to Swamiji, as per Article 25, 26, Temples cannot be taken over by the Government but only the Administration can be, for correcting any irregularity in the administration of temples. The revenue from these temples run into tens of thousands of crores, most of it not being collected (about 92%) benefiting Government cronies.  Hence by handing over Temple management to Hindus, Government is not going to lose grand revenue but will put in the hands of Hindus potential to realize thousands of crores of rupees every year, assuming the administration will be clean enough to bring all the revenue to the table. This is where BJP has to play its role, empowering Hindu community by bringing appropriate legislation. I also understand such move falls under ‘Concurrent list’ of the Center and has effect of superseding State legislation.  

If RSS plays its card well and gets the Temple administration from the clutches of Government and also, as promised, use it for education and health, tens of  Universities and Hospitals can be started every year. Imagine the impact of this. The hospitals run by missionaries that also do the conversion business will get competition of a whopping proportion. Those who get overwhelmed by health support and education support no more need to convert to get it.  

In parallel, BJP government should bring in reasonable restrictions on inflow of money into Religious organisations and also impose restrictions on the visits by evangelists etc. All such restrictions being  not illegal or immoral, it should not be a problem enforcing such restrictions.

People tend to align with the strong, ditching the weak. All these years, the successive State and Central Governments have rendered Hindus weak which was the prime reason Hindus changed over to religions appearing strong. Once people find out that the help for education, job and health is available within the Hindu community, the same people, finding no benefit in the religions they converted to, would quickly return back to Hindu fold. RSS would have to redouble its effort to increase the pace of reconversion and should target to limit the combined strength of Islam and Christianity to say 8~9% of the total population.

In addition the Government should declare the Sharia provision that declares a marriage between a Muslim and Hindu illegitimate unless the Hindu converts into Islam. The agenda to bring Uniform Civil code will also help in consolidating the gains made in reversing demographic changes.

The other area is rebuilding of temples which have been destroyed to build mosque on top of it. It sends out a strong signal that the past transgressions are not going to be forgotten and the nation has taken a decision to remain a Hindu Rashtra.

The effect of these changes in India is bound to reverberate in Bangladesh and Pakistan which are culturally Hindu nations though Muslim majority state.

The strategy is based on our ‘No-Bamboo – No – Flute’ variety and will achieve the objective without bloodshed, violence or social strife. As long as the majority of residents of India desire Hindu way of life, democracy is safe, land integrity is safe. The moment the demography changes, the nation will disintegrate through social strife, misery, mayhem and at a huge cost of life. 

Hence my view that the solution to Demographic problem is not impossible with concerted actions from RSS and BJP.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Reuters' shameful Journalism

Reuters wanna be Huffington Post?           

It all started with this tweet from Reuters India, its content intended to incite and enrage people on both sides of political divide.
I was under the false notion that the tribe of small-minded journalists have been effectively silenced with the BJP getting elected, an electoral result that should have stunned them into retrospection. But I guess it applies to those with integrity and conscience. 
The public was in no mood to heed to the pontifications of the media along the leftist ideological line. I also did not think people like Srinivasan Jain would change, because in my opinion, he does not have the bare minimum intelligence that is required to change one’s own mind. His kind is a miraculous inanity.
But this article published by Reuters India took me by surprise. This is the one of the most atrocious and biased articles in recent times. It does has not even try to conceal lack of objectivity in its eagerness to pay obeisance to their masters, be it left, liberal or any other kind of mindlessness. Articles in Al Queda magazines may have been more objective.
The opening salvo is not reporting but editorial.
 “Fired up and full of vitriol, Hindu activist Rajeshwar Singh is on a mission to end centuries of religious diversity in India, one conversion at a time.”
The religious diversity that has been brought into India was not through love and peace. It was by force, rape, death, coercion, bribe, ruse and fraud, depending upon the religious denomination that proselytized. It is not like Buddhism, Jainism or other variants of Hinduism that arose from the land. They all were imported and forced by the rulers of the invaders.
Having made that editorial that remains unconnected to the article, there was no substantiation of that allegation ever in the article.
Rajeshwar, to qualify for the epithet from Rupam Jain Nair and Frank Jack Daniel, had said that “we will not let the conspiracy of church or mosque succeed in Bharat (India),"
Do the authors think there is no conspiracy? If so, let them say so and enough truth can be provided to shut them up. It may not make a dent on their sold out souls, though.
In response, I posed them a question, with no response.

 I have repeated the question many times with no answers from the media traders.
One of the harshest allegations runs like this: “Singh is affiliated to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a vast nationalist volunteer organisation that aims to unify Hindus "to carry the nation to the pinnacle of glory"
Is being a nationalist volunteer organization crime? Is an attempt to unify Hindus “to carry the nation to the pinnacle of glory” repugnant? What do the authors want to say? Is selling one’s nation, as a pimp would a prostitute, the highest moral standard one should strive to reach? Is wishing for the destruction of the motherland the pinnacle of glory?  
Going on, the twosome avers that Police investigations have found no evidence of ‘Love Jihad’. They have carefully avoided reported incidents, scourging for absence of evidences. Classic case of looking for things where you know the things are’nt
I am quoting from Wikipedia's observation by court on this matter. The judge refers to ‘blessings of some outfit’ and ‘concerted effort’. Of course the Love Jihad is not something the supremacist religionists run by advertising in front page of Times of India. It is run very surreptitiously and the evidences are available on the surface or they are commonplace. 

A court observation has escaped their reporting while the police reports have found place in the article. The court observation is a stronger indicator. The evidence is here to see very clearly but the authors have cleverly kept truth out of it. One would like to know if it was intentional or was it ineptitude as journalists. In both cases, the outcome should only be a pink slip.
The article does not refer to a call from the Christians, hardly from the RSS camp.

Not the 4000 or so cases in Kerala in the last five years. Not the incidences in Mangalore. Not the reference to it in Maharashtra assembly.
If at all conversions have taken place in India, as a rule, all these years, they have been carried out by Christians and Muslims. The money being pumped into India is phenomenal, to say the least. World Vision is accused of employing along religious lines, in contradiction to what they claim to be doing, lending credence to the allegation that it is a bogey for conversion. Islam, on its part has pursued aggressive conversion programs.
As a system, these are the two religions that impose a duty on its followers to bring people belonging to other religions into their fold. Hindu scriptures, while not uniformly applicable on all those who call themselves as Hindus,  are least mindful of other religionists following their own, in all the last 1300 years or so. India has also provided refuge to persecuted minorities like Parsis and has never forced the home grown religions on the visitors.
In the last few centuries the Muslims have recorded history of forceful conversion, as they do now in Syria, Iraq and other countries, in India. Christians have adopted every conceivable ruse and fraudulent method to entice the innocent native Indians to convert to Christianity. In the recent years, one of the most profitable cottage industries being proselytization, it begins in a small hut converting the poor masses but miraculously ends up in massive concrete structures for praying and the facilitators.
In this background, the two journalists have found a grave fault in a small time Pracharak’s bravado calling for reconversion of Christians and Muslims.
If Christians can convert, if Muslims convert, why can’t a Hindu? How does it become vitriolic? Does it mean that Muslims and Christians have indulged in centuries of vitriol? Why was it not a problem till date?
Scandalous insinuations are being slyly cast on BJP and RSS. I am not sure if the two are aware of the fact that their words are completely false and they do not have the support of the collusive Congress government which was willing to bankroll anyone game to tarnish Hindu religion and Indians who were not slaves of the west.
The sly insinuations fall just short of saying anything concrete, a sheer waste of the paper it is printed on. They also make allegations in this article with no substance to back it. If Yogi Adityanath is accused of delivering inflammatory speeches, is there any mateiral to substantiate it? Is asking Hindus to retaliate to Muslim transgression a crime? If Muslims can convert Hindu women by marrying, what is wrong if Hindus also begin to play the same game? Clearly it shows that these two have antipathy towards Hinduism and would rather see a one sided erosion of its followers.
After all this, there is a footnote that says the journalists are required fair presentation. It is a shame that Reuters is lending cover for those who further personal agendas in the name of journalism. There is no shred of credibility in the article, nor response from the authors when their views are challenged. It is a shoot and scoot method that befits fringe political ideologists like Naxals, Maoists and the like. Reuters pays such people to belittle the collective wisdom of the people of India who have elected BJP. India should slowly edge out such biased news agencies unless they start showing fairness in their reporting. That will happen.
It is people like these two who bury the rape of hundreds of Yezidis,because they do not fall in the their kind of political coloring. These are the type who buried the rape of millions in Darfur by Supremacist Arab Muslims because it is not politically correct. Or because the two are sh1t scared of the bullies who have niceties when it comes to swinging a dagger. These are from the same tribe that sang to the slaughter of Stalin, Lenin and other leftist terrorists. You never hear them whispering against the really violent, intolerant ones fearing for their own life but to put a few ill-earned dollars in the bank are not averse to hitting below the belt of those who cannot defend themselves.
In today's world, who poses threat to peace? Is it ISIS, Al Queda, Boko Haram or RSS? And where do the real threats fall? It takes not more than two gray cells to come to the correct conclusion but alas these two don't have it amongst the two of them. Or have exchanged it for whatever consideration that has been agree upon, monetary or otherwise.

The footnote is an insult to injury.
Footnote from Reuters: Thomson Reuters journalists are subject to an Editorial Handbook which requires fair presentation and disclosure of relevant interests. Fair presentation, my foot.

REUTER sucks!